lash extensions

lash extensions

we assure that every lash is individually applied to ensure there is no damage to your natural lashes. our eyelash extensions last from 4-8 weeks as part of your normal lash cycle. how long it lasts depends on your own natural eyelash growth and how well you take care of the extensions (Must be 18 or over for this service.)

frequently asked questions

what is the difference between synthetic and mink lash extensions?
we recommend researching which extension look you like better before making your appointment. 
mink extensions: light. soft. fluffy. natural looking lashes. long lasting. favored for canvases who are wanting to wear extensions on a regular basis.
synthetic extensions: better curl. firmer. less expensive.

who is my artist?
lori locklear, you can check out all of her beautiful work on her instagram at @ez_thetique

what do i do during the eyelash application?
you will be lying down and relaxing while we apply your lashes individually by hand.

how do i prepare for my appointment?
please read all of the prep & after care listed below.
how long does it take for eyelash extensions process?
the initial full set takes approximately 3 hours, 1 - 2 hours for fill ins, and 30 minutes for the removal process.

how long do eyelash extensions last?
eyelash extensions last up to 6 weeks or longer, as part of the normal lash cycle. fill-ins should be done every 2 to 3 weeks. Fill-ins are done to replace any naturally falling lashes and keep your lashes looking their best. how long the eyelash extension will last depends on your own natural eyelash growth and how well you take care of the extensions.

do extensions damage my natural eyelashes?
absolutely not! we have a knowledgeable artist who can inform you on how to make sure that your lashes will not get damaged.

does it hurt to get eyelash extensions?
the eyelash extensions procedure is completely painless for eligible canvases.

do i need to make an appointment?
absolutely. this is a long service that requires advance notice. you can book easily online, download the vagaro app, or call/text us at 864.608.9292.

who shouldn't get eyelash extensions?
if one or more conditions apply to you: you are in the 1st trimester of pregnancy, suffer from eye allergies, allergic to latex, highly sensitive skin, suffer from healing troubles, or you suffer from unexplained hair loss.

prep & after care

- remove mascara, eyeliner, and contact lenses.
- please come to your appointment with no traces of eye makeup on because It can cause the lashes to adhere incorrectly.
- avoid oil based products on or around your eye for 24 hours before your appointment. 

first 2 days
- do not let any water come in contact with your lashes for at least 48 hours (especially hot water) after 48 hours you should be able to wet your lashes as the adhesive cures.
- avoid swimming, hot tub, saunas, facials, massages, and sun bathing.

cleansing & upkeep:
- use a cotton swab with oil free makeup remover to remove eye makeup.
- apply eye cream sparingly to the eye area without touching the lash line.
- use a face cloth to wash your face, avoiding wetting the lashes.
- gently pat the lashes dry after washing the face.
- when your lashes become crooked or tangled use a clean, dry mascara wand to brush through your lashes gently. the best time is after showering and let them dry in position. you can find these at any beauty supply store.

- sleeping face down on your pillow.
- facing the shower head.
- oils on or around your eyes.
- touching, curling, and rubbing your eyes or eyelashes.
- mascara that is not specifically made for lash extensions. you can ruin them.
- facial and hair products from running down over your lashes.