Organic Airbrush Tanning

with 15+ years of experience, our master airbrush artist, and owner of browning studio, Brandi has mastered the art of airbrush tanning, trained in Los angeles, and taught the best team of artists in the business. our artists travel nation wide for National + International Pageant Systems + are absolute masters in their craft. 

our formula

Derived only from the best + clean ingredients... Our organic solution uses the highest quality, premium grade DHA. (let's not forget to mention, it's hypoallergenic.) We custom blend our solution to match your skin tone + needs. Body contouring is also included to emphasize your super sweet body shape. Hands + feet are detailed to ensure perfect, natural looking results.


- shower, shave, & exfoliate your skin the night or morning before your appointment. exfoliation of previous airbrush tan is recommended before you attend your next airbrush service.
- you are able to wear deodorant, although some chemicals can cause a green tint, but this is rare. If a green tint does appear, it should wash away after your first shower. browning studio does offer a chemical free deodorant that actually works. ask if interested.

- wear or bring dark, loose shirt & long, loose pants for after your airbrush appointment.
-please avoid jeans, socks, & tennis shoes.

- if there is a chance of rain on the day of your appointment, you will want to wear (or bring) long, loose fitting clothing and closed toe shoes (no socks).
- you will also need to bring an umbrella. you CAN NOt get wet until after the curing time of your airbrush tan is complete. 

- appointments
- hair removal, mani/pedi, & hair appointments should all be done before your airbrush tan.
- wait at least 24 hours after a lash lift to get an airbrush tan.
- body waxing appointments are recommended to be at least a day before your airbrush, to avoid any wax residue messing with the application. 
- you will need to avoid moisturizers & oils if any appointment is the same day as your airbrush, otherwise they may act as a barrier to the solution.

before your first shower

drying time: 
- the drying/curing time varies on which solution you have used.
- The custom browning solution will need at least 8 hours. 
- the rapid browning solution will need at least 4 hours.

- avoid jeans, (bra, if possible), socks, & tennis shoes after your airbrush tan. 
- avoid sweat or any liquid touching your skin. make sure that you do not have any sports activities or exercise planned for the rest of the day, or until after your first shower.
- you should not expose your palms (no touchy touchy!) to the solution until your first shower.

if you will be sleeping in your airbrush, wear long, loose fitting clothing.
- use caution with the palms of your hands. 


- avoid:  try to avoid hot tubs, chlorinated pools & warm baths. this will cause the tan to come off sooner than expected. if these can not be avoided, no worries! make sure to keep your skin moisturized immediately following the hot tubs and pools.

- moisturize: Moisturize directly after first shower to lock in moisture. you will want to moisturize your skin daily - using a great quality daily moisturizer is important to avoid dry skin, which may lead to uneven fading of the skin. please avoid petroleum or alcohol based lotions (anything with a heavy perfume). ask us if you are unsure about your current moisturizer. we carry an organic moisturizer that works incredible with our solutions.

- consistent color: if you want to have a consistent tan, once a week appointments are suggested.

frequently asked questions

what's the difference between the custom browning and rapid browning?

the curing time for the custom solution is 8 hours, whereas the curing time for the rapid solution is 4 hours. 

can the rapid be customized?

absolutely! the rapid solution can still be customized to your skin. we pride ourselves on customizing your experience and tailoring to your needs. we can create, mix, and re-mix to create a color specific for your skin tone.

how long does an airbrush tan appointment take?

we ask that you plan 20 minutes for your session, although you are normally out sooner.

what should i wear during the appointment?

bottoms (of any kind) are recommended. disposable thongs are provided; however, the organic solution does wash out of your clothing. everything is according to your comfort level.

how long will my tan last?

depending on your skin type and the amount of solution applied to the skin, your airbrush tan can last 7-10 days.

what solution do you use?

we use an 100% organic, sugar based, and paraben free solution that does not have an unpleasant after scent

will the solution rub off on my clothes and ruin them?

the initial "over-spray" may rub off on clothes (before your first shower), however, it will wash out. dark, loose clothing is recommended immediately following your airbrush tan appointment.

can i tan in the sun or the sun beds with my airbrush tan?

absolutely, you will develop your sun tan underneath the airbrush. remember! always wear sunscreen when you are out.

Should I have an airbrush tan before or after i get waxed?

after! if you get a tan before you wax, waxing will remove the tan when it exfoliates the dead skin cells.