Prep 101

you should shave + exfoliate your skin the morning (or night) before your appointment.exfoliation of previous airbrush tan is highly recommended before you attend your next airbrush appointment.

if you are sunburned + there is any possibility of peeling, you should not get an airbrush tan. Please listen to your artist if they advise you to not get it done that day.

Dry Skin:
if you have VERY dry skin, please moisturize a few hours before your appointment to ensure a smooth canvas.

lotion, oils, + makeup coming in to your appointment. We do provide makeup remover as well as Image skin care face wash for your convenience.

you can wear it, although some chemicals can cause a green tint. this not uncommon. if a green tint does appear, it should wash away after your first shower.

bring dark, loose fitting clothing + open toe shoes to wear after the appointment. You should continue to wear this loose clothing until your first shower. (avoid jeans, socks, tight shoes, + sports bras because it may cause uneven development.) see "weather" for alternate clothing.

please pay attention to the weather forecast that day.  the moment liquid touches your skin, it immediately stops the tanning process in that area. If there is a chance of rain, make sure you are fully prepared to ensure that no liquid touches your skin at any point until your first shower. umbrellas, rain jackets with hood, long sleeves/pants + rain boots are highly recommended. seriously.



Be sure to remove every last trace of color on the skin for best results. most of our artists can blend the existing tan with your new tan, however you will enjoy your tan more if you can remove all 'dead' skin. you can start with taking hotter, longer showers or baths.  this will help speed up the exfoliation process.

gentle exfoliation:
we recommend using coconut oil/baby oil in a hot shower or bath. Take a washcloth + gently scrub areas on the body that still have color. If you do use oil on the day of your appointment, you will need to make sure it is all rinsed off prior to your appointment. Oil can act as a barrier to your skin and cause the tan to look patchy from not being able to soak into the skin evenly. baking soda + water also make for a great exfoliate. 

be careful:
excessive scrubbing can dry out + irritate the skin. It may take a few showers to get the color off completely.

Double check:
Stand in front of a natural light source (door, window, ect) to see what areas still have excess color that needs to be removed. pay attention to the areas you don’t see, like the back of the knees + neck.


planning around your tan

busy season:
please keep in mind that spring/summer is our busiest time of the year. You will most likely need to schedule your airbrush appointment at least one week or more in advance (especially for early morning or after 5 pm).

hair removalmani/pedi+ hair appointments:
these can be done on the same day but should all be done before your airbrush tan. we do prefer any body waxing done at least one day prior to your airbrush tan appointment. our wax artists can ensure that you have a clean surface, free of any wax, removers, or oils.

moisturizers + oils (unless you have excessive dry skin). if any appointment is the same day as your airbrush, otherwise they may act as a barrier to the solution.

lash lifting:
wait at least 24 hours after a lash lift to get an airbrush tan.


before/after your first shower

we pay close attention to your hands + feet but you are responsible for maintaining them during the following hours while the color is still developing. Do not touch the skin with fingers/palms until you take your first shower.

sweating or getting wet for the amount of time it takes your particular solution to cure. Do not work out or attend cheer, dance, sports, or any other practice where you could sweat.  

Don’t Panic:
You may look “too dark” or “unnatural” until your first shower, do not panic! This is the over spray mixing with your  developing tan underneath. Do not shower before the designated time! You will lose almost all (if not all) of your final color. After your first shower following your appointment, most things are back to normal. you can get wet, sweat, work out, moisturize, + enjoy your new bronze skin tone!

Maintaining your color

the key to extending color: 
preserve the top layer of skin as long possible. your routine + habits determine the length of the time it will last. basically, moisturize your skin.

avoid tight clothing the first few days when possible (especially skinny jeans + tight, strappy shoes). denim is a stiff material that can cause the legs to fade faster than they normally should.  another example, tight sports bras worn daily can cause some fading along strap lines. the best way to avoid tighter clothing rubbing that top layer of skin off is to moisturize your skin before getting dressed.

the more you shave, the faster the color fades so keep shaving to a minimum (or schedule a body waxing appointment a few days prior to your airbrush tan appointment to avoid shaving)

avoid long hot showers or baths. it will fade your color extremely fast. keep your showers luke warm + keep them to only a few minutes.  You will want to stay away from heavy body scrubs, harsh soaps/cleansers. Always, always, always pat dry.

Facial Routine:
keep it simple. the more you scrub, the more toners, cleansers, etc you use, the faster your face + neck will fade. we do offer complimentary face/neck touchups throughout the life of your tan (7 days)!

use a fragrance/alcohol free moisturizer throughout the week. You will need to avoid heavy oils on the skin like coconut oil or baby oil.