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frequently asked questions

which style should I book?
+ if you have thick, dense, long natural lashes – and want a voluminous look. 
+ if you like a more natural look + don’t want it to appear like strip lashes.
+ if you have sparse or fine natural lashes and want more volume to your lashes. 
+ if you wear strip lashes + enjoy the look of them.

what kind of extensions do you use?
we use a faux mink lash.

how long do eyelash extensions last?
eyelash cycles vary from person to person. the average lash cycle involves up to 5 lashes shedding per eye, per day. fill-ins should be done every 1 to 3 weeks. This is necessary to replace any naturally falling lashes + keep your lashes looking their very best. you Must have at least 50% of extensions retaining for it to be considered a fill-in appointment.

do extensions damage my natural eyelashes?
we have a knowledgeable artist who can inform you on how to make sure that your lashes will not get damaged.

does it hurt to get eyelash extensions?
the process should never be painful.

who shouldn't get eyelash extensions?
if one or more conditions apply to you: you are in the 1st trimester of pregnancy, have an eye infection or recently undergone an eye operation or cosmetic surgery, suffer from eye allergies or sensitivities, allergic to latex, highly sensitive skin, suffer from healing troubles, rub eyes due to allergies or habit, or use prescribed medicated eyes drops or ointment that may coat the lashes causing them to clump

can I book an airbrush tan and lash extensions on the same day?
avoid airbrush tan appointment 24 hours after extension session. this is a liquid solution.

lash policies

  • 4 week fills will always be charged a full set. We highly recommend booking your appointments in advance to avoid a full set price. 

  • We can not fill in a lash set from another artist or studio. You will need to book a lash extension removal before the full set appointment. 

prep + after care

- remove mascara, eyeliner, and contact lenses.
- please come to your appointment with no traces of eye makeup on because It can cause the lashes to adhere incorrectly.
- avoid oil based products on or around your eye for 24 hours before your appointment for best results.
- headphones are highly recommended. download a podcast or audio book to listen to while you lay down because we do ask that you refrain from talking + wiggling during the appointment. 

first 2 days
- do not let any water come in contact with your lashes for at least 24 hours.
- avoid steam + swimming for 48 hours.

- use a lash cleaner with a clean brush to prevent oil/dirt buildup.
- gently pat the lashes dry after washing the face.
- if your lashes turn use a clean, dry mascara wand to brush through your lashes gently. the best time is after showering and let them dry in position.

- sleeping face down on your pillow.
- oil + glycol products on or around your eyes.
- touching and rubbing your lashes or lash curlers.