about browning studio

we are a collective of talented, passionate artists that get to work under one roof with the same mission...to be ballers at our crafts + make people happy (including ourselves). simple. whether we've been at it for years or just crackin' into the industry, we all strive to learn + master new techniques, experiment with upcoming products, + most importantly, listen to your needs. we love what we do + that shows the minute you walk in our doors. as we grow our team of skilled artists, it's our promise to you that we will deliver our personal bests 100% of the time.

although we were founded on providing airbrush tanning, our two locations (midtown - woodruff rd + downtown - church street) offer a mixture of natural airbrush tans, hair + makeup, lash lifting, lash extensions, face/body waxing, + skin care with highly trained artists.

Contact Browning Studio

Browning studio is primarily appointment only. however, each artist goes above + beyond to meet each canvases scheduling needs. you can call/text for appointments @ 864.608.9292

the studio is available by phone (text or call):
monday - friday: 9am to 5pm
saturday: 10am to 3pm

online booking

we make it simple. you can book online 24/7.
book through their website or download the free vagaro app to choose a location, see all available appointment times with each and/or every artist, price range, + more!

email us

if you are interested in airbrush tanning, makeup, or hair services for weddings or pageants, requesting a donation, or looking to join the browning tribe, please click the link below to fill out designated form needed.

our #1 rule:

               please consider the traffic situations on woodruff rd + downtown when scheduling or leaving. “traffic was bad” is an excuse we hear often but unfortunately cannot accommodate. our artists keep a very tight schedule, if you are 5 minutes late you will be automatically marked as a no show + you will need to be rescheduled.

no shows/cancellations:
no show: 5 minutes past scheduled appointment time.
late cancellation: cancels less than 24 hours prior to appointment time.
any mixture of no show + late cancellations that equals 2 will require pre-payment or have a credit card on file with the studio. credit cards will be charged 50% of service price for policy violation.

please ensure that children are seated + supervised at all times for their safety and our other canvases. if you can not guarantee this, please find child care for your visit. 

lost items: 
browning studio + our artists are not responsible for any items left behind in the airbrush tanning or esthetician’s rooms. please triple check that you have all of your belongings before leaving the studio. if we find anything left behind, we will do our best to contact you asap + keep your belongings safe.

all product sales are final. service refunds by commission artists must be authorized by owner. service refunds by independent artists must be done through artist + will be completely separate from browning studio. if you are unsure if your artist is independent or commission, just ask! :)

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