meet your hair artists

not yet pictured: Matthew caldwell (instagram: @mcaldwell0529)

tina johnson  (est. 1989) midtown

tina johnson (est. 1989) midtown

jessica green  (est. 2002) midtown

jessica green (est. 2002) midtown

pamela mclam  (est. 2009) midtown/downtown

pamela mclam (est. 2009) midtown/downtown

alex galloway  (est. 2012) midtown

alex galloway (est. 2012) midtown

morgan asbell  (est. 2016) downtown

morgan asbell (est. 2016) downtown

robyn morley  (est. 2001) midtown

robyn morley (est. 2001) midtown

katie victoria  (est. 2011) midtown

katie victoria (est. 2011) midtown

megan grubbs  (est. 2015) midtown/downtown

megan grubbs (est. 2015) midtown/downtown

brianna puckett  (est. 2016) downtown

brianna puckett (est. 2016) downtown


individual service providers of browning studio are independent businesses; therefore pricing varies. the pricing is based on our stylists' consensual averages based on the individual services they provide. each hair artist at browning studio does provide a complimentary consultation to best meet your individual needs.