lash lifting + semi permanent mascara

curl + darken your own natural lashes instantly.

fill out the designated form(s) if it is your first time getting this service done with a browning studio artist. if you will be receiving a lash lift + SPM service. you will need to fill out each form.


meet your lash lift artists

bethanne pistolis  (est. 2010) midtown

bethanne pistolis (est. 2010) midtown

sarah Smith  (est. 2015) midtown/downtown

sarah Smith (est. 2015) midtown/downtown

alex bullock  (est. 2016)  midtown

alex bullock (est. 2016)

frequently asked questions

how long does the lash lifting process last?
depending on the length and health of your natural lashes, the procedure takes about 45-60 minutes & lasts anywhere from 6 - 12 weeks!

who is a candidate for a lash lift?
anyone who is interested in enhancing the look of their natural lashes, although it is not recommended for: 

  • positive reaction to a patch or sensitivity test (the patch test should be completed a minimum of 24 hours prior to service.)

  • cysts

  • hordelo / stye

  • blephatritis

  • chemotherapy within 1 year, after 1 year with doctors referral

  • skin disease, skin trauma, cuts, abrasions, burns, + swelling in the immediate area.

  • weak eyelashes

  • skin disorders in the general eye area

  • eye infections such as impetigo or conjuctivitis

  • eye inflammation such as uveitis

  • recent operations around eyes, head, face or scar tissue in immediate area.

  • blepharoplasty within 1 year, after 1 year with doctors referral

  • lasik surgery within 6 months, after 6 months get doctor's referral

  • hypersensitive skin/eyes

  • keratitis (inflammation of the cornea)

  • alopecia

  • trichotillomania

  • bells palsy or any thing that makes closing the eyes difficult

  • any disease or disorder that causes shaking, twitching, or erratic movement

  • glaucoma - must have doctor's referral

  • dry eye syndrome - must have doctor's referral

  • medication thyroxin - could prevent lashes from curling

what is a lash lifting patch test?
your artist will apply the two different lotions + rod adhesive on to either the crook of your elbow or behind your ear to see if there is any allergy to the products. if you have allergies to any of the following, please book a patch test before your service. this will only take less than 10 minutes. 

  • lanolin

  • latex

  • vaseline

  • medications

  • metals

  • hair dyes

  • food

  • lidocaine

  • paints

  • crayons

  • glycerin

  • acetone

  • adhesives/glues/bonding agents

what is the lash lifting application process?
lie down + relax on a warm table while your artist removes any excess makeup or oils, adheres a size appropriate rod to your lash line, + adheres your lashes to the rod. two timed solutions are applied, after the processing time, rods, glue, + solutions will be removed. lashes will be dried + tinted. 

how do i prepare for any lash related appointment?
arrive with no contacts, makeup, moisturizers, sunscreen, liners, mascara, + brow powders.

can i combine lash extensions + lash lifting?
a lash lift must be done first. you can not get a lash lift with lash extensions already applied. 

can i get an airbrush tan with my lashes?
you will have to get an airbrush the day before or wait 24 hours after your lash lift.

do i need an appointment?
yes! we work by appointment only. if you would like to schedule an appointment, the fastest way is online or you can text/call 864.608.9292. 

what is your cancellation & no show policy?
we require 24 hours notice in order to cancel or reschedule any service. you will be considered a no show 5 minutes after your appointment time and you will need to reschedule for another day.

lash lifting aftercare

Avoid for at least 24 hours: heat, steam (including cooking over steaming stove top), sauna, water, oils, lotions, creams, shampoos, face washes, makeup remover wipes, or pads on lashes. the only approved product to put on immediately after a lift (that will not cause your lash lift to fall) is the 'elleebana ellevate mascara'.

avoid: face washes that are mainly oil as this can also cause lashes to drop prematurely. 

we also advise that because the clients lashes are still malleable (shape shifting) a side sleeper or face sleeper can notice one or both eyes can raise or drop, leaving the lashes misshaped. sleeping on your back is best.

spm aftercare

Avoid within first 24 hours: heat, steam (including cooking over steaming stove top), sauna, water, oils, lotions, creams, shampoos, face washes, makeup remover wipes, or pads on lashes.

avoid: eyelash curlers, waterproof mascara, & oil based products.